What is “I Ride With Si”?

To those of us that knew, loved, or even just met Simon Davidson once, we all know he was never one to just rest in peace. Simon had an honest fearlessness and passion for life that was an absolute inspiration to those around him. He loved to get amongst it, whether it be his passion for kayaking, waterskiing, snowboarding, skateboarding, wakeboarding, surfing, guitar, music, photography – the list goes on. The philosophy behind “I Ride With Si” is to keep his memory alive through taking him with us while we continue to do the things we love and know he would want to be a part of.

Our goal is that by having a token of Si – the “I Ride With Si” sticker – on something that inspires you to live life, whenever you are out doing what you love you’ll be thinking of him. That way even though he’s gone – he’ll still be with us charging just as hard with a massive smile on his face.

With such a community influenced by Simon we also want people to be able to share these experiences, so we’ve set up the “I Ride With Si” facebook page so you can tag yourself and “I Ride With Si” in any photo’s or video that you happen to take. Whether you’ve got your sticker yet or not, here’s your chance to share in the experiences dedicated to Si.

Having Si there will inspire people in different ways. For us, thinking of him reminds one to enjoy the moment, laugh, smile, charge a little harder, and to get out there doing what you love.

We love and miss you Simon, may you be remembered always!

Rest in Peace… nah not yet – “I Ride With Si”

Many Thanks,

Blair and Dylan Davidson