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The response to the "I Ride With Si" concept has been unreal - It is obvious how Simon's infectious personality and passion for life has touched so many. It's an absolute honour on behalf of the family that we can provide these tokens to keep his memory and spirit alive with you all. Whether you have a decal / sticker or not on your adventures - take Simon with you, to inspire, smile, laugh, or just because you know he would've loved it!

How do I get mine?

There are only a few stickers left so please contact us on the website HERE, or on the facebook page.  Then send a self addressed envelope (at least 6 inches x 6 inches - no folding) to the address below and we'll send a couple out to you - limit 2 per person due to limited stock.

Download Logo Files

Please feel free to download the logo files and use them however you like in memory of Si (stickers, stencils, etc).


IRWS Logo - ZIP Folder

Sticker Instructions

Find a great surface on something that inspires you to live life (Kayak, Car, Boat, Surfboard, Snowboard, Wakeboard - Simon loved anyboards really) to throw the "I Ride With Si" Decal onto. Clean the surface off and then apply the Decal carefully. All pretty simple stuff, Just make sure you take your time taking the cover off the Decal and applying it since there's some pretty detailed pieces on the sticker, plus watch out for air bubbles.

WARNING: Having this sticker on anything will encourage you to make the most of everyday - It's sunny out as I write this and having Si on my surfboard is already calling me to get out to the beach...


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